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Military History of Freidrich Paschke  (n.d. - n.d.)

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  Officer History
  Date   Rank   Unit   Military Action   Position   Status
  14 Mar 1777   First Lieutenant   4th Continental Artillery Regiment        
  11 Sep 1777   First Lieutenant   4th Continental Artillery Regiment   Brandywine    
  8 Oct 1777   Captain   Quartermaster Department        
  29 Apr 1778   Captain   Pulaski's Legion       Quartermaster; Commander, "C" Company  
  28 Jun 1778   Captain   Pulaski's Legion   Monmouth   Regimental Quartermaster; Commander, Company "C"  
  2 Feb 1779   Captain   Pulaski's Legion       Assigned to Lincoln's Southern Army  
  3 Oct 1779   Captain   Pulaski's Legion   Savannah, GA    
  18 May 1780   Captain   Southern Army         Quartermaster Department
  26 Jun 1781   Captain   Southern Army   Simcoe, VA     Quartermaster Department
  Jan - Nov 1782   Captain   Southern Army   Carolina Campaign     Quartermaster Department
  12 Jul 1783   Captain   Southern Army         Quartermaster Department; Discharged

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