Military Parade

It is interesting to keep in mind that this parade of military might took place exactly nine months to the day before the sinking of the battleship USS Maine in Havana harbor, especially as the celebration was attended by the Maine’s sister ship, the 18-month-old USS Texas. It was less than a year before the United States would declare war with Spain, establishing the US as a world power.

After President McKinley pulled a cord to unveil the monument, salutes were fired by Light Battery E, First Artillery, U. S. A., stationed nearby, and by the United States war vessels “Texas” and “Terror,” the French aviso “Fulton,” and the United States Revenue cutter “Hamilton,” anchored in the Delaware River.

After a short round of speeches, the parade began.  Here is the list of the troops, as published in the commemorative program. You can also view the parade as a slide show.

The troops then passed in review in the following order:-


Maj.-Gen. George R. Snowden, N. G. P.


Lieut.-Col. George H. North, N. G. P., Chief of Staff.
Col. Theodore A. Wiedersheim, N. G. P.
Col. R. S. Edwards, N. G. P.
Col. T. DeWitt Cuyler, N. G. P.
Col. Russell B. Harrison, N. G. of Indiana.
Lieut.-Col. S. S. Hartranft, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. William J. Elliott, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. Alex. Krumbhaar, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Townsend, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. Ralph F. Cullinan, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. Austin Curtin, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. Alex. A. E. McCandless, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. A. Lawrence Wetherill, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Howell, N. G. P.
Lieut.-Cot. Howard L. Calder, N. G. P.
Maj. C. W. Williams, U. S. A.
Maj. Barton D. Evans, N. G. P.
Maj. James A. G. Campbell, N. G. P.
Maj. David Lewis, N. G. P.
Capt. G. S. Bingham, U. S. A.
First Lieut. Spencer Cosby, U. S. A.


1. Provisional Brigade of United States Troops, Col. S. S. Sumner, 6th Cavalry, commanding.
Battalion of Engineers, Maj. J. G. D. Knight, commanding.
Capt. S. W. Roessler,
Capt. Theodore A. Bingham,
Capt. William C. Langfitt.
Battalion 13th Infantry, Lieut.-Col. W. S. Worth, commanding.
Capt. James Forenance,
Capt. George R. Cecil,
Capt. B. H. Gilman.
Battalion 4th Artillery, Maj. J. M. Lancaster, commanding.
Battery M.-Capt. F. Fuger,
Battery D.-Capt. P. Leary, Jr.
Battery L.-Capt. W. Everett.
Battery I.-Capt. C. Chase.
Light Battery E, 1st Artillery.-Capt. A. Capron.
Squadron 6th Cavalry, Maj. Thomas C. Lebo, commanding.
Troop G.-Capt. F. West.
Troop E.-First Lieut. E. C. Brooks.
Troop A.-First Lieut. J. P. Ryan.
Troop H.-Capt. L. A. Craig.

2. Provisional Brigade, United States Navy, Capt. W. C. Wise, commanding.
Battalion United States Marine Corps, Capt. B. Reeves Russell, commanding.
Battalion of Sailors from the United States Monitor “Terror,” Capt. P. F. Harrington, commanding.
Battalion of Sailors from the United States Battleship “Texas,” Lieut. Commander D. Delehanty, commanding.


3. Crew of the French aviso “Fulton,” Commander Lespinasse de Saune.


National Guard of Delaware.
4. Hon. Ebe W. Tunnell, Governor of Delaware, and Staff.
1st Infantry, Col. I. Pusey Wickersham.

National Guard of Pennsylvania.
5. Hon. Daniel H. Hastings, Governor of Pennsylvania, and Staff.
Brig.-Gen. J. P. S. Gobin, commanding division.
Staff:- Maj. M. A. Gherst,
Maj. William H. Egle,
Maj. Henry P. Moyer,
Maj. W. S. Miller,
Capt. A. W. Shultz,
Capt. A. Wilson Norris,
Lieut. G. H. Halberstadt.


Brig.-Gen. John A. Wiley, commanding.
10th Infantry.-Col. A. L. Hawkins.
15th Infantry.-Col. William A. Kreps.
18th Infantry.-Col. Norman M. Smith.
5th Infantry.-Col. Theodore Burchfield.
16th Infantry.-Col. Willis J. Hulings.
14th Infantry.-Col. William J. Glenn.


Brig.-Gen. John W. Schall, commanding.
1st Infantry.-Col. Wendell P. Bowman.
2d Infantry.-Lieut.-Col. Henry T. Dechert, commanding.
6th Infantry.-Col. Perry M. Washabaugh.
3d Infantry.-Col. Robert Ralston.
Battalion State Fencibles.-Maj. Thurber T. Brazer.
Gray Invincibles.-Capt. Andrew F. Stevens.


Col. Frank J. Magee, 8th Infantry, commanding.
12th Infantry.-Col. James B. Coryell.
4th Infantry.-Col. David B. Case.
13th Infantry.-Col. Henry A. Coursen.
8th Infantry.-Lieut.-Col. Theodore F. Hoffman, commanding.
9th Infantry.-Lieut.-Col. C. Bow. Dougherty, commanding.

State Naval Force.-Commander Francis Shunk Brown.
Provisional Battalion of Artillery.-Capt. John A. Denithorne, commanding.
Batteries A, B, and C.
National Guard of New Jersey.
6. Hon. John W. Griggs, Governor of New Jersey, and Staff.
6th Infantry.-Col. William H. Cooper.
Gatling Gun Company B.-Capt. John B. Jones.
Battalion of the West Naval Reserve of New Jersey.-Commander C. B. Dahlgren.


7. Provisional Regiment of Cadets, Capt. Frank A. Edwards, 1st Cavalry, U. S. A., commanding.
Cadet Corps of Girard College.
Corps of Cadets, Pennsylvania Military College, Lieut. G. McK. Williamson, 8th Cavalry, U. S. A., commanding.


After the military review came a procession of over 10,000 bicyclists.