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(Fort Pitt 1778, Garrison Duty)   (Northern PA Campaign)
  The battle of Monmouth was the first major battle in which the British faced a well-disciplined army, which was fresh from their training at Valley Forge. The battle was considered a draw; the heat of the day, and the heavy uniforms took their toll, resulting in 100 men succumbing to heatstroke.
  Unit Rosters  
  1st Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Thomas Buchanan   Company Commander  
  Colonel James Chambers   Commander  
  Second Lieutenant David Hammond     Parr's Company
  First Lieutenant John Hughes     William Wilson's Company
  Second Lieutenant Andrew Johnston   Quartermaster   Wounded
  First Lieutenant John McClelan    
  First Lieutenant William McDowell    
  First Lieutenant James McFarlane    
  Major Henry Miller    
  Major James Moore, Jr.    
  Captain James Parr   Company Commander  
  Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Robinson    
  First Lieutenant David Ziegler   Regimental Adjutant   Ross's Company
  2nd Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain John Bankson   Company Commander  
  Ensign Jacob Morris DeHart    
  Captain Joseph Howell    
  First Lieutenant John Irwin    
  Second Lieutenant James Morris Jones     Ashmead's Company
  First Lieutenant William Moore    
  Major John Murray   1st Major  
  Captain John Patterson   Commander, 1st Company  
  First Lieutenant Henry Piercy    
  First Lieutenant John Stoy    
  Second Lieutenant John Stricker     Ashmead's Company
  2nd Virginia Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Colonel Christian Febiger    
  3rd Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Second Lieutenant John Armstrong    
  Lieutenant Colonel Rudolph Bunner     DIS
  Captain Thomas Butler    
  Captain James Chrystie   Commander, 3rd Company  
  Colonel Thomas Craig   Commander  
  Captain Isaac Budd Dunn    
  Ensign Richard Fullerton   Regimental Adjutant  
  First Lieutenant John Marchall    
  Captain George McCully    
  Captain Thomas Lloyd Moore   Commander, 8th Company  
  Second Lieutenant Peter Smith    
  First Lieutenant Daniel St. Clair    
  Lieutenant Colonel William Williams    
  4th Continental Artillery Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Colonel Thomas Proctor   Commander  
  Third Lieutenant John Stricker    
  4th Continental Light Dragoons  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant John Craig     Dorsey's Company
  Colonel Stephen Moylan    
  First Lieutenant Zebulon Pike   Regimental Adjutant   Fauntleroy's Troop
  4th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant Erkuries Beatty    
  Captain Adam Bettin    
  Second Lieutenant Wilder Bevins    
  Lieutenant Colonel William Butler   de facto Commander  
  Second Lieutenant Thomas Campbell    
  Captain Benjamin Fishbourn   3rd Company Commander  
  Captain William Gray    
  Captain William Henderson    
  First Lieutenant William Sproat    
  Captain George Tudor   Commander, 5th Company  
  5th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant John Barckley    
  Captain Thomas Boude    
  Surgeon James Davidson    
  First Lieutenant Levi Griffith     Stuart's Company
  Colonel Francis Johnston   Commander  
  First Lieutenant James McCullough    
  First Lieutenant George North   Quartermaster, 2nd Brigade  
  Captain Isaac Seely   Brigade Major, 2nd Pennsylvania Brigade; Company Commander  
  Captain Samuel Smith   Commander, 5th Company  
  Captain Lieutenant Job Vernon   Commander, 3rd Company  
  6th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Jacob Bower   Commander, 2nd Company  
  Captain Thomas Bull     POW
  Second Lieutenant Thomas Doyle, Jr.    
  First Lieutenant James Gibbon    
  Second Lieutenant James Glentworth    
  Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar   de facto Commander  
  Captain Jacob Humphrey     Wounded
  Second Lieutenant James Farquhar MacPherson    
  Captain John Nice    
  Major Jeremiah Talbot    
  Captain Robert Wilkin   Commander, 3rd Company  
  7th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain William Alexander    
  First Lieutenant Samuel Bryson    
  First Lieutenant John Bush    
  Ensign James Gamble   Regimental Quartermaster  
  Second Lieutenant John Hughes     Parker's Company
  Captain Andrew Irvine   Commander, 3rd Company  
  Colonel William Irvine   Commander  
  Second Lieutenant John McCullam   Regimental Adjutant   Bratton's Company
  Captain Samuel Montgomery   Company Commander  
  Captain Alexander Parker   Company Commander  
  Second Lieutenant Robert Peebles     Alexander's Company
  Surgeon's Mate John Rose    
  8th Maryland Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Jacob Bunner   Company Commander  
  Captain Bernard Hubley    
  Major George Hubley    
  Captain Lieutenant Philipp Christian Shrawder    
  9th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Thomas Bartholomew Bowen    
  Colonel Richard Butler   Commander  
  Captain John Davis    
  Captain George Grant    
  First Lieutenant John MacKinney    
  Surgeon William Magaw    
  Major Francis Nichols    
  First Lieutenant Stephen Stevenson    
  Captain William Tilton    
  First Lieutenant William Van Lear    
  10th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Ensign Alexander Bensted   Paymaster  
  Captain George Calhoun   Commander, 4th Company  
  Sergeant Michael Everley    
  Major James Grier    
  Lieutenant Colonel Adam Hubley, Jr.    
  Captain James Lang   Company Commander; Supply Commissioner  
  Captain Michael Ryan   Brigade Major  
  Captain Jacob Stake   Company Commander  
  Captain Lieutenant John Steele    
  11th Pennsylvania Regiment (Old)  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Samuel Dawson    
  Captain John Doyle   Commander, Independent Company  
  Colonel Richard Humpton   Commander  
  First Lieutenant William McMurray     Doyle's Independent Company
  Major Francis Mentges    
  Lieutenant Colonel Caleb North    
  Captain John Pearson   Commander, 2nd Company  
  First Lieutenant Enos Reeves   Regimental Adjutant  
  11th Virginia Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Second Lieutenant John Townes    
  12th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Second Lieutenant Blackall William Ball    
  First Lieutenant John Boyd    
  Captain John Brady    
  Captain Stephen Chambers    
  Ensign Thomas Dungan    
  Second Lieutenant Andrew Engle     Wounded
  First Lieutenant Stewart Herbert    
  Surgeon Andrew Ledlie    
  First Lieutenant Benjamin Lodge, Jr.    
  12th Virginia Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Surgeon's Mate Hugh Martin    
  First Lieutenant Presley Nevill    
  Lieutenant Colonel John Neville    
  13th Pennsylvania Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain John Clark   Company Commander  
  Captain Joseph Lewis Finley    
  First Lieutenant Samuel Kennedy     Nice's Company
  First Lieutenant Andrew Lytle   Quartermaster  
  First Lieutenant James McMichael     Clark's Company
  Second Lieutenant John Parke     Ashmead's Company
  Second Lieutenant Edward Speer    
  Colonel Walter Stewart   Commander   Wounded
  Continental Army  
  Name   Position   Status
  Brigadier General Anthony Wayne    
  Hartley's Additional Continental Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Connor    
  Captain Evan Edwards   Aide-de-Camp, General Lee  
  Lamb's Continental Artillery Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  Second Lieutenant Robert Parker    
  Captain Andrew Porter   Company Commander  
  Captain Lieutenant William Power    
  Captain Lieutenant Jonas Simonds    
  Malcolm's Additional Continental Regiment (NY)  
  Name   Position   Status
  Second Lieutenant Jonah Hallett    
  Patton's Additional Continental Regiment  
  Name   Position   Status
  First Lieutenant Edmund Bourke   Commander, Company "G"  
  Captain Abraham George Claypoole   Commander, 5th Company  
  Second Lieutenant Abner Martin Dunn     McLane's Company
  First Lieutenant Jeremiah Jackson    
  Ensign James Pettigrew    
  Chaplain William Rogers    
  Second Lieutenant Jacob Weitzel    
  Pulaski's Legion  
  Name   Position   Status
  Captain Freidrich Paschke   Regimental Quartermaster; Commander, Company "C"  
  First Lieutenant John Sharp    
  Virginia Brigade  
  Name   Position   Status
  Brigadier General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg    
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