The State Society of the Cincinnati of Pennsylvania

  Officer History
  Date   Rank   Unit   Military Action   Position   Status
  14 Mar 1777   First Lieutenant   4th Continental Artillery Regiment        
  11 Sep 1777   First Lieutenant   4th Continental Artillery Regiment   Brandywine    
  8 Oct 1777   Captain   Quartermaster Department        
  29 Apr 1778   Captain   Pulaski's Legion       Quartermaster; Commander, "C" Company  
  28 Jun 1778   Captain   Pulaski's Legion   Monmouth   Regimental Quartermaster; Commander, Company "C"  
  2 Feb 1779   Captain   Pulaski's Legion       Assigned to Lincoln's Southern Army  
  3 Oct 1779   Captain   Pulaski's Legion   Savannah, GA    
  18 May 1780   Captain   Southern Army         Quartermaster Department
  26 Jun 1781   Captain   Southern Army   Simcoe, VA     Quartermaster Department
  Jan - Nov 1782   Captain   Southern Army   Carolina Campaign     Quartermaster Department
  12 Jul 1783   Captain   Southern Army         Quartermaster Department; Discharged

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